Octopuses are very intelligent and sentient beings and are being overexploited and sharks maintain the balance of food webs and favor the flourishing of biodiversity.

Vazva and Sea Shepherd join forces to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving the biodiversity of marine ecosystems and in particular species such as sharks and octopuses!

This collection is a capsule in collaboration with the plastic recycling artist:

This capsule partnership aims to donate 15% of each product sold to Sea Shepherd to support their work in protecting our oceans, fighting to end bycatch and stop the slaughter of innocent wildlife.

Vazva & Sea Shepherd join forces to raise their voices against illegal finning and shark finning.
The shark fin trade must stop!

STOP FARMING to breed octopuses in captivity through farms that would result in the slaughter of one million octopuses.

Filippo Fiumani, known by his alias Mani, is a native of Loreto (Italy) and recognized as a talented designer and artist. Mani is engaged in various creative activities as a visual artist, street artist, performer and actor.


For the past 18 years, Vazva has had a clear idea of how to grow up with the little ones in a natural environment and with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle


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