Born in 2005 in the coastal city of A Coruña (Spain), Vazva was founded by Oscar Vales as a surfing equipment store located on Orzán beach and had a great impact on the city's surfing culture, promoting this sport among the youngest, placing him in the center of the scene.


A Coruña, España




65% Women, 35% Men

Our first store opened in 2005 in front of the mythical Orzán beach. Soon we expanded the store to also include surf lessons and this catapulted us as pioneers in the world, without knowing very well how, we became the reference for surfing in Coruña, Vazva t-shirts flooded the streets.

From the culture of surfing we began to project our brand as a movement associated with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle linked to sport and local culture. We soon formed our first surfing and skateboarding team, which was soon joined by local punk artists and bands with whom we have done many concerts, competitions and exhibitions.

Over the years we have forged a family of people with whom we share our passions and concerns and with whom we expand the values ​​of our brand.

Since 2018 we began a new path much more focused on sustainability. We founded our own activism platform and began to take non-stop actions. Since then, we have carried out more than 400 beach cleanups, dozens of events and collaborations with local artists and companies to spread a message of awareness and positivist preservation focused on impacting people's mentality.

Vazva is a local brand that, based on the passion for surfing, has been growing and maturing itself. Along the way we have met wonderful people and experienced moments that mark us. Today we seek to continue growing and continue walking towards a future that is increasingly conscious and connected to our planet.



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