Producing in Europe gives us the ability to fight for a fair and sustainable textile industry.

From an ecological point of view, manufacturing in Europe is key for two main factors, it greatly reduces the C02 emissions that are generated mainly in the transportation of goods, and allows us to have quality control over the manufacturing processes, minimizing the environmental impact and favoring water savings thanks to the use of both organic materials and natural dyes. By being close to the factories we are able to ensure, 100%, that all the people who go through Vazva's manufacturing chain work in decent conditions and in line with European standards. The proximity allows us to better choose our suppliers and visit them regularly, guaranteeing a safe and regulated working environment.


We do not have excedents. We work with our factories under safe and respectful conditions that offer fair wages. Our relationships with them are long-term and we take care that transportation between our factory and warehouses emits as little CO2 as possible. The 280km that separate us was the first step.


QUALITY AND DURABILITY. At VAZVA we produce garments that are made to last, so it is a matter of course for us to choose and process materials and fabrics that we choose carefully. We want our customers to be happy and to be able to wear our clothes for at least a decade.

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