OCT 21st


Last Friday, October 21st, the Capitol Hall in Santiago de Compostela was filled with the concert of the duos BALA + GRIMA.

Bala is a guitar and drums duo from A Coruña and Pontevedra (Galicia) whose genre is really indescribable.

Mixing elements of punk, grunge, stoner or even metal, Anxela Baltar (vocals and guitar) and Violeta Mosquera (vocals and drums) give life to a wildly expressive rock.

Vio and Anxe have a brutal live performance. The power that these two women have on stage makes the concert witnessed on Saturday one of those that you will never forget. 

They give off authentic energy on stage that quickly captures the audience and as a result there is an emotional fusion that is felt in the room from the beginning.

They share their values, claim their rights, they are icons of music, feminism, freedom, equality and sustainability but always from positivism and understanding. 

Anxela reserved a few moments to dedicate one of the last songs of the set to her daughter Vera, who was seven months old that same day and who will undoubtedly grow up appreciating good music.

Their repertoire consisted of a perfect mix of their own songs from their now three studio albums; such as Human Flesh, from their first album of the same name, or Colmillos from their second album Lume, plus an incredible rendition of the Nirvana classic, Territorial Pissings.

They made the ground tremble under our feet as they reminded us how it feels to have passion for music, for community, for something.

They gave absolutely everything, as if that was going to be the last concert of their lives, and I thanked them for it. Violeta played until you could see the beads of sweat dripping down her forehead, and Anxela went down to the dance floor with the audience to scream the end of the last song together.

You can only understand all this if you have the chance to see them live.

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