Vazva and Suagongo are in this collection because we share common values, because our way of thinking and doing things make us belong to the same group.

Since our origins, we have prioritized respect for the simplest things, for things that will last longer than what we will be able to enjoy. 

All our parts are 3D printed and modeled by additive manufacturing printers using recycled or biodegradable PLA filaments. PLA is a filament that is composed of polylactic acid from renewable resources of vegetable origin obtained from starch extracted from corn, sugar beet and wheat. This collection is composed of the following materials: the green color is composed of PLA and bamboo waste that gives the piece a wooden texture, while the mustard color contains waste by-products from the brewing process. The pink, blue and lilac colors are also PLA of plant origin.

These types of filaments are considered biocomposites and are an alternative to those derived from petroleum; they are also ecofriendly, biodegradable and sustainable.

All the pieces are post-processed by hand sanding and varnishing.

As the two old friends that we are now, there would be no better time to share our vision with you than during the summer. We want to celebrate the passing of the winter storms that hit this bay that has seen us grow up, and with this collection we want to give a touch of color to a place where the sky is always gray. After all, there is nothing like the reunion between colleagues who have lived adventures together, the conversation between pirates who have the joy of meeting again in the streets they walked in the past as brown cats.

Where every cobblestone is a story to remember.

This summer, we want you to write your own legend with us. Your way but always with feeling!

Inspired by the energy that transmits us intimate places of Galicia, the fierceness of the sea and the activity of the fishermen, these rings are reminiscent of the stunning sunsets that gives us the Costa da Morte.

Rings printed and modeled in 3D with PLA filaments of vegetable origin, obtained from the starch extracted from corn, beet and wheat.

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