BUYING organic and recycled raw materials is a MUST, a decision when buying from our suppliers and that's fine, but... Is it enough?

Can we say we are cleaning the seas if we buy recycled polyester from the sea, or are we zero carbon by simply donating money to...?

WE have decided to go one step further!!!!

promoting OURSELVES all possible actions to raise awareness through real action, because that is the change and the future in

"The Age of Regeneration".

More than 10 years recycling materials collected from beaches and through our collection point and transformed into different products.

We work with more than 50 REGENERATORS or partners in the world of circular economy.

polo enríquez

Polo Enriquez, a glass artist with more than 30 years of experience, fuses craftsmanship and design with sustainability as a base.


Behind KHETT is a team of restless young people who love crafts, recycling and sports.

the recycled skateboard

Tom is a Canadian craftsman with a workshop in A Coruña. A young man passionate about skateboarding and sustainable culture.

Raul Álvarez

Artist from Madrid based in A Coruña and passionate about the sea. In most of his works he has the sea as a protagonist.


Textile dyes contain highly polluting chemicals, that's why we loved Figbees' proposal from the first moment, because we can make natural dyes with organic waste.


Cholita Recicla is a recycling, social responsibility and circular economy project in which fishing nets, plastics and other inorganic waste are recycled to make accessories and furniture.

La bendita Flor

La bendita flor is a local florist that bets on the use of seasonal flowers and regional/national products. Together we carry out workshops of floral composition in vases or spiral bouquets, thus putting in value all the craftsmanship behind each of them.

Carolina Mosquera

Carolina Mosquera is a nutritionist, and she is committed to health and the environment, so our union made perfect sense. Weekly food waste is a reality. Thanks to this collaboration, we can elaborate a show-cooking with recipes that you will learn to prepare delicious dishes that you can apply to your daily life.


Ceramic pieces handmade with their own hands, that's why no two are alike. Behind BRANQUETA are the hands of Maialen A.C., making everything from Spain.

fair enough

Fair Enough exists to reduce plastic waste. Sometimes we do this by promoting recycling. Other times through new biodegradable materials.

39 knots

Joaquín starts his project after repairing his own windsurfing sails.

mar de miranda

Specialists in the production of handmade soaps based on natural ingredients, they have found an alternative to the recycling of household oil.


Laura and Inés are two creative people who share many values with We. In their free time and during their walks along the beaches, they could not avoid removing the fishing equipment they found.


Laconcongrelos are specialists in textile screen printing and always use vegan and ecological materials. To give another twist to this great proposal, during our collaborative actions, we offer the opportunity to screen print on unused textile garments, to give them a fresh look and extend their life!

Be Bellón

In Be bellón they elaborate design kits of raffia fabric, a natural fiber with which sustainable products are made. Inevitably, raffia is discarded from these kits, but following our philosophy of recovery, we decided to put a practical and creative remedy, raffia weaving workshops, thus converting "waste" into something useful and valuable.


At Kaffeform they give a second life to products that would end up in the trash, such as coffee grounds, and transform them into cups and plates or to-go cups. Thus becoming a revolutionary alternative to plastic and reducing the creation of waste!

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